Talk to a Parent

One of PEN’s strengths is our large network of parents. And one of the best ways to find out about a school is to get perspectives from parents like Teri Griffith, featured in this interview clip from the Go Public documentary project. We encourage you to contact one or more of our PEN Parent Ambassadors to get their first-hand perspectives of the schools you’re considering.

We have volunteer Parent Ambassadors at elementarymiddle, and high schools throughout PUSD.  Even if you’ve already met some parents on a school tour, at our programs, or at a coffee, we encourage you to contact our Parent Ambassadors directly by email or phone. (If name listed without email link or phone, please contact to be put in touch!)

Contact a PEN Parent Ambassador…

  • If you have a specific question about a school

  • If you want to attend a PTA or other parent meeting at the school

  • If you want to attend a school event to find out what the school community is like

  • If you want to start developing relationships on campus prior to school starting

  • If you want to be connected starting the first day of school

Elementary School PEN Ambassadors

Altadena Elementary
Karina Contreras (Regular program & French DLIP) (626-798-0476)  
Victoria Knapp

Don Benito Elementary
Scott Harden (310-600-6665)  
Stacey Fargnoli (818-319-3286)
Kevin O'Neill
Lisa Swan

Field Elementary (Mandarin Dual Language Immersion Program)
Corey Hegger
Annabel Hom
Joan Lamond
Leslie Tamppari (626-398-5005)

Franklin Elementary
Helen Sandoval

Hamilton Elementary
Jen Gold
Jennifer Goldman
Jennifer Valdiviez (818-636-0371)

Jackson STEM Magnet Dual Language Academy
Priscilla Bransby (text: 626-437-7437)
Jenny Jakubiak
Tina Pham (text: 626-644-9304)
Sandy Roffman

Jefferson Elementary
Kirsten Harman

Longfellow Elementary
Pilar Oliva
Shanna Tellez (818-429-3455)

Madison Elementary
Esmeralda Cerezo

McKinley School (grades K-8)
Laura Diaz Allen (Math Academy)
Karianna Frey
Natasha Mahone (middle school)
Meredith Ryness (213-361-6265)

Norma Coombs Elementary
Aimee Cunningham  
Missy Griffin
Karin Luster

Roosevelt (grades pre-K-14)
Be a Parent Ambassador!

San Rafael Elementary(Spanish-English Dual Language Immersion Program)
Jennifer Dague
Lorena Hernandez
Gargi Matuszeski
Emily Mencken

Sierra Madre Elementary
Julie Cole (626-792-0872)
Teresa Tubera

Washington STEM Magnet Elementary
Maria Chavez de Gonzalez

Webster Elementary
Maggie Brandow  
Beata Espinosa
Ann Harrer

Willard Elementary
Alejandra Campos  
Jennifer Errico
Delphine Vasko

Middle School PEN Ambassadors

Blair IB (grades 6-12)
Steve Cole
Jennifer Higginbotham (626-695-7621)
Emily Mencken (SDLIP)

Eliot Arts Magnet Middle School
Kristy Clougherty
Leigh Ann Samuel
Courtney Scrabeck

Marshall Fundamental School
Dana Bradley (626-398-1424)
Sara Jennings
Shoshana Rosenbaum (626-296-9123)

Sierra Madre Middle School
Celeste Ferguson
Julie Flad
Lisa Lees

Washington STEAM Magnet Middle School
Angie Uriu
Maya Sharp

Wilson Middle School
Dominick Correy

High School PEN Ambassadors

Blair IB
Missy Griffin
Norah Small

Marshall Secondary School
Sarah Hilbert  
Felita Kealing
Audrey Lavelle

John Muir High School
Myhisha Myles
Monica Obregon
Tasha Wilkins

Pasadena High School
Marie Cantor
Erik Brandon (App Academy)
Julie Flad


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Interested in becoming a Parent Ambassador? 

Contact PEN's Program Director Susan Schwartz for more information. We are also looking for parents of preschool-aged children who can help us reach out to your local preschool, daycare, or parent group.