Find Your School

Finding the right school for your family can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming process. Every child and every family is unique; so, as much as you might want to rely on your friends for advice, the school they love or claim is “best” may not “feel right” for you. And while you want to find a good fit for your child and your family, it’s not as if there is one “right” choice and all the other choices are “wrong.” Remember that most children will thrive in a variety of school settings.

Fortunately, PEN is here to help you understand and sort through your options, and to help keep you sane in the process! We recommend you start here:

Gather information

Parents have many options when it comes to choosing a school. Of course you want to be sure your child’s school has a strong academic program, but that’s not the only factor that should influence your decision. Consider the other values that are important to your family and the school culture.  These PEN guides will help you start gathering the information you need to make an informed decision: Choosing an Elementary School, What to Look For in a Middle School, and What Does Academic Rigor Look Like?

PEN’s Fact Sheets are a great way to get accurate, current information about PUSD’s elementary and secondary schools, all in one easy-to-read format. We suggest scrolling down the Fact Sheet page and click on the name of your neighborhood school and other elementary, middle or high schools you wish to learn about.  Then print the ones you want to tour.

Attend PEN’s Parent Education Programs

You’ll gain valuable insight and meet other parents when you attend any of our Elementary or Secondary School Programs for Parents.

Sign up for a school tour

Visit PEN’s tour calendar to sign up for one or more school tours

Contact a Parent

PEN Parent Ambassadors are PEN members whose children attend schools throughout PUSD. They volunteer their time to be a resource for parents to learn more about their schools, accompany school tours, and connect parents with other parents and their school community. Contact a PEN Parent Ambassador.

Enroll in a school

If you decide to enroll in your neighborhood school, you’ll register directly at that school. If you want to submit an application to attend a school other than your assigned neighborhood school, visit PEN’s Open Enrollment page for more information.


Locate Your Neighborhood School

To find your assigned neighborhood school, use the PUSD School Locator.

Field Elementary is now an all Mandarin Dual Language Immersion Program (DLIP) school and San Rafael is an all-Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program school. (What is a dual language immersion program?) For historical reasons, Marshall 6-12 is a permit-only secondary school with no attendance zone. Families who want to attend these schools must go through the Open Enrollment lottery process, although students who live within a designated geographic area of lottery-only schools are given preference in the lottery. Other schools with DLIP programs (Altadena, Jackson, Jefferson) have attendance zones for their mainstream programs, but families who want to enter their dual language immersion programs must go through the Open Enrollment process even if they live in the attendance zone.

Magnet schools Altadena Arts/French DLIP, Jackson STEM/Spanish DLIP, and Washington STEM for elementary, Eliot Arts and Washington STEAM for middle, and John Muir High School's Early College Magnet continue to enroll students from their attendance zones. Other students who wish to participate in these programs may apply through Open Enrollment.