Parent Advocacy

One of PEN’s top priorities is to advocate for effective parent engagement between the Pasadena Unified School District and parents, and to facilitate efforts by parents to engage the district directly on issues of concern. We accomplish this in a variety of ways, including consulting with parents when concerns arise and meeting regularly with the superintendent and other PUSD administrators and leadership. We also participate on District-level planning committees to ensure that parent voices are heard in decision-making that affects families.

Although PEN does not advocate on behalf of individuals or individual school sites unless the issue becomes a district-wide concern, we will work with parents to provide them with the tools and skills to advocate on their own behalf. We will, and do, speak out on areas of broad concern to parents and advocate for parent engagement.

District administrators, School Board members, as well as PUSD parent councils and other community organizations, recognize that PEN brings a thoughtful, practical approach to engaging parents at all levels when it comes to public education. We make sure that our members know what’s going on and know how they can have a say.

Some of the committees where PEN has advocated on behalf of our PEN parent members and students include:

  • Facilitated the revision of PUSD’s Homework Policy and Administrative Regulation (BP6154 and AR_6154)

  • Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Work Group

  • Local Control Accountability Plan Parent Advisory Committee (LCAP PAC)

  • PUSD Master Planning Team

  • Collaborate PASadena

  • PUSD Strategic Planning Committee

  • Parent Engagement Action Team

  • Open Enrollment Team

  • School Consolidation Committee

  • Community Budget Advisory Committee

  • Excellent Middle Schools Design Team

  • Graduate Student Profile

If you or your school has an issue of concern and would like to consult with a PEN representative, contact us.