School Fact Sheets

PEN’s Fact Sheets provide accurate, current data and program information about PUSD’s elementary and secondary schools, updated every fall, and as warranted during the school year. 

NOTE: 2017’s fact sheets include results of last Spring’s California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) along with 2013 API, state & similar schools rankings – and a brief summary of what has changed since 2013. Be sure to read the Guide to Enrichment “Basics” & “Extras”, as the fact sheets highlight special features but do not list those enrichment “basics” that are common to all PUSD schools. 

Elementary Schools

Although California’s academic standards and assessment system is changing, test data from 2013 may still be of some value. See PEN’s 2016 Elementary Test Score Summary and 2016 PEN Elementary Fact Sheets Guide.

Middle Schools

PUSD Middle School Test Score Summary

High Schools

Charter Schools

Aveson School of Leaders (TK-5) (PUSD charter)
Aveson Global Leadership Academy (6-12) (PUSD charter)
Odyssey Charter School (LACOE charter)
Pasadena Rosebud Academy (PUSD charter)

What’s a charter school? Charter schools receive their money and ‘charter’ from a school district but operate as independent schools in most other respects. Contact each charter school directly for admissions and enrollment information.