Parents of Preschoolers

Ready for Kinder (Transition to Kinder Part 1): How to help children get ready for the transition to kindergarten, cut-off dates for kinder vs. transitional kinder, Information about local schools, basics of school choice and Open Enrollment (offered September-November). 

The Best School for my Child (for parents interested in participating in Open Enrollment): How to evaluate schools using API scores among many other factors, how Open Enrollment works, dates for school tours, where to apply, how to get help. (October-January).

Open Enrollment hands-on help: Individual help enrolling through the internet-available to participating parents during the Open Enrollment period.

Kindergarten here we come! (Transition to Kinder Part 2): What parents need to know about: What kinder is like, how schools work; What teachers expect; How to support children at home, communicate with teachers and other school staff, get involved, advocate for their child. (March-June).