On-site Parent Programs

PEN wants to ensure that all parents around our district have access to the information and resources they need to support their children’s school success. So, in addition to our regular programs, we are available to offer on-site Parent Programs on the topics listed below.

On-site programs are available to all preschool and K-12 schools in the PUSD area serving a significant number of families whose children qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch Programs. Workshops are available in English or Spanish.

School Administrators or parents interested in scheduling free on-site workshops should contact PEN’s Director of Parent Engagement Laura Diaz or text her at 213/434-4000.

Parents of Preschool-aged children

Ready for Kinder (Transition to Kinder Part 1): How to help children get ready for the transition to kindergarten, cut-off dates for kinder vs. transitional kinder, Information about local schools, basics of school choice and Open Enrollment (offered September-November). 

The Best School for My Child (for parents interested in participating in Open Enrollment): How to evaluate schools using API scores among many other factors, how Open Enrollment works, dates for school tours, where to apply, how to get help. (October-January).

Open Enrollment Hands-on Help: Individual help enrolling through the internet-available to participating parents during the Open Enrollment period.

Kindergarten Here We Come! (Transition to Kinder Part 2): What parents need to know about: What kinder is like, how schools work; What teachers expect; How to support children at home, communicate with teachers and other school staff, get involved, advocate for their child. (March-August).

Parents of School-aged Children

Welcome to Kinder! What new Kinder parents need to know NOW to help children start school right-from how much sleep children need, to communicating well with their child’s teacher, to becoming a parent leader at your school. (August – November)

The Road to Success: This workshop will help K-5th parents to support their children’s school success (at home, at school, as volunteer, advocate, and leader). We’ll cover common obstacles, focus on strengths, set goals, get support. (March – June)

Parents As Leaders: Choose from either a training or from five 10- to 20-minute interactive workshops designed to help your PTA, ELAC, AAPC or other parent group function more effectively.


Important! Parents who wish to include PEN’s on-site programs in their school’s parent engagement workshop list should communicate with PUSD’s office of Family Community Engagement (Elizabeth Palomares or Suzanne Berberian) and request 1-2 topics early in the school year.



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