College & Career Academies

College & Career Academies aren’t your parents’ trade tech courses! PUSD’s high school academies prepare students for either college or a career in their desired field.  Beginning in 9th grade, program courses are aligned with college entrance requirements, industry needs, and career projections.  Each academy provides students with a smaller, personalized environment, utilizes a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to learning and teaching, and engages students with business connections through work-based learning opportunities, exposure to industry professionals, field trips, and internships.

There are academy programs at every PUSD high school, and all students enrolled at John Muir Early College Magnet must enroll in an academy. At the other high schools, students may choice a traditional course curriculum or participate in one of the academies available.  

Academy for Creative Industries – in addition to an academically rigorous curriculum, students have many visual and performing arts courses to choose from. (Marshall)

App Academy – a four year computer science curriculum where students learn to code, and explore careers in technology through mobile, web, and game development. (PHS)

Arts, Entertainment and Media – students are trained in film and video production, photography, and fine arts.  They’ll get a taste of a career in entertainment by designing sets and creating visual effects for the schools’ productions, utilizing the on-campus state of the art production studio, and/or participating in band and orchestra. (Muir)

Business and Entrepreneurship – a wide array of business related courses provides in depth analysis of business, financial, and corporate strategies, and develops students’ leadership, organizational and management skills.  As part of the hands-on curriculum, students develop and present business plans for their own companies. (Muir)

Creative Arts, Media, and Design – integrates art and design with a college prep curriculum.  The extensive course offerings prepare students with hands-on experience to pursue college or a career in art or design. (PHS)

Engineering & Environmental Science Academy – part of the rigorous Project Lead the Way pre-engineering curriculum.   Students develop art, design, science, and technology skills through projects including building a solar powered boat, a yearlong design project, and more. (Muir)

Health Careers Academy – students receive an extensive course curriculum that incorporates health courses, such as anatomy and physiology, and health industry topics with a 180-hour internship in a health, medical or bioscience field choice. (Blair)

Law and Public Service - designed for students with an interest in legal, government, or protective service careers.  The college prep curriculum also integrates law, social justice, academics, and career education through its fully functioning on-campus court room. (PHS)