As a small independent grassroots network, we rely on members like you to get involved. Since you have benefited from PEN’s programs and services, please volunteer to help us spread the word. At the same time you’ll stay connected to other families that share your commitment to public education in our community.

How can I find time to help PEN when I’m already an uber volunteer at my school?

There are many ways that you can help, and it only takes a little bit of time. In fact, some of the most important things parents do to support PEN’s mission are things you’re probably already doing!

Parent Ambassadors

Preschool, Elementary, Middle & High School
Time commitment: About 2 hours per month
Encourage families to consider public school; promote interest in your own school; and stay informed and connected. (Current PAs - click here for this year’s “Toolkit” email!)

Program Volunteers

Time commitment: 2 hours at an evening program
Connect with parents and learn something new

Event Teams

Help coordinate the Poker Tournament and/or Wine Tasting Event.  Our meetings and parties are fun, plus we need the revenue!

Spanish Translators

Time commitment: 1-2 hours, as needed
Help PEN reach and represent all parents


Time commitment: Flexible
We’re always looking for photos of parent involvement at schools; your school can be on our website or in the newsletter

Administrative Assistance

Time commitment: A few times a year at home or with us
Help us raise money by assisting with envelope stuffing

PEN Parent Ambassadors

“I appreciate the opportunity to be a resource to other parents.

Word-of-mouth is still the way most families learn about PEN and PUSD schools, and PEN is actively seeking parents to be PEN Ambassadors for local preschools as well as for several elementary and middle schools.

Preschool Parent Ambassadors

  • Being a parent ambassador to your preschool is easy! Here’s all it takes:

  • Help PEN update our list of preschool director contacts.

  • Post and distribute our fall event flyer to parents at your preschool.

  • Find out if your preschool has parent information programs for pre-k families or any other opportunity when PEN staff or volunteers can make a short presentation about PEN and PUSD.

I can do that! Be sure to include which preschool you attend.

Elementary and Middle School Parent Ambassadors

If you have a child who is or will be attending a PUSD elementary, middle or high school this fall, consider becoming a PEN Parent Ambassador for your school. Our goal is to establish a team of 2-4 parents at each school site who agree to be PEN contacts for that school. Parent Ambassadors will:

  • Accompany scheduled school tours

  • Be available via email or phone (your preference) if prospective families want to ask a current parent questions about your school

  • Help get the word out about PEN programs and resources

  • Let PEN know about events taking place at your school that are open to the wider community

  • Help connect new parents with current parents at your school

With 2-4 Parent Ambassadors at each school, the time commitment will only be a couple of hours per month per person at most. PEN staff will support our parent teams with a “tool kit” of information and materials, and regular updates to keep you well-informed.
I can do that! Be sure to include which school your child(ren) attend, or will be attending.

Program Volunteers

I was very encouraged seeing so many parents at the PEN meetings, all wanting to be active participants in their children’s public school education.”

Volunteers are needed to help set up and sign people in at our evening programs for parents. I can do that!

Event Teams

“PEN’s mission is so important! I want to help PEN accomplish its goals.”

PEN hosts two fundraising events each year. The events themselves are a lot of fun, but so are the event team meetings! The Poker Tournament takes place in November and the Wine Tasting takes place in April. We meet about once a month for a few months before each event to plan logistics and coordinate the silent auction. I can do that!

Spanish Translator

“I believe in supporting organizations that provide useful and timely information.”

PEN is committed to being a resource for all families who value public education. Bilingual parents can occasionally help us translate program materials, web-page content, event flyers, and more. I can do that!


“PEN gives families a better “picture” of what public school is all about.”

We’re always looking for great photos of parents and students at schools. Specifically, we love photos that visually demonstrate parent engagement and involvement. Take some of your own, and email them to us. Remember that we need a signed photo release to include recognizable faces on our website or materials.

PEN continues to make a difference to my public education experience by providing me with an opportunity to meet other parents and a way to help recruit new families into PUSD.