Parent Engagement

One of PEN’s core beliefs is that parent and community engagement is essential to building strong schools so all children can reach their potential.  Since parent engagement has a direct impact on student academic success, we encourage all parents to get involved with their students, school community, and/or the district.

Parents can get the information they need to become involved through our Parents As Leaders training, and by connecting with other parents. Another way parents can get involved is by participating in the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and with PUSD’s Parent Advisory Groups:

Parents can contact the PUSD Family Resource Center at (626) 396-3600 x88186 or visit the webpage for information about volunteer opportunities, parent education, and parent engagement. Other useful information includes:

PUSD School Board

The Board of Education holds regular monthly meetings in the 2nd floor Board Room at 351 S. Hudson Avenue, Pasadena. Meetings are typically held on Thursdays, beginning at 5 or 5:30 pm. See 2019-2020 meeting schedule. Each Board Member oversees specific district schools. You can contact Board members with questions and concerns, issues related to the schools they oversee, or if you’d just like to get to know them. Board committee meetings are also open to the public. Click here for a list of committees and which board members serve on them.

School board members are elected by geographic sub-district. To find your subdistrict, go to PUSD’s School Locator and enter your address, then click on the “Other Layers” tab and check “Trustee Areas.” 

Board Members

Kim Kenne (626-794-0325)

District 1: Altadena, Eliot Arts Magnet, Franklin, Jackson STEM Magnet; Focus Point; Aveson Global Leadership Academy Charter

Roy Boulghourjian (626-720-2425)

District 2: Don Benito, Marshall, Norma Coombs, Webster; Burbank Children’s Center; Aveson School of Leaders Charter

Michelle Richardson Bailey (626-710-5213)

District 3: Cleveland, Muir High School, Washington STEM Magnet (Elementary), Washington STEAM Magnet (Middle School); Washington Children’s Center; Rosebud Charter

Pat Cahalan, Vice President (626-720-2440)

District 4: Blair, Jefferson, Longfellow, Madison; Longfellow Children’s Center

Elizabeth Pomeroy (626-255-3286)

District 5: Hamilton, McKinley; Jefferson Children’s Center; Rose City/Twilight School; Learning Works Charter

Larry Torres, President (626-2484)

District 6: Center for Independent Studies (CIS), Field, Pasadena High School, Sierra Madre Elem, Sierra Madre MS, Willard; Willard Children’s Center

Scott Phelps, Clerk (626-644-8951)

District 7: Roosevelt, San Rafael, Wilson; Pasadena Adult Learning Skills (PALS) Center


Watch a short slideshow on the myriad ways that PEN parents make a difference in our PUSD schools every day.